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  1. Hi everyone my names Bukky Leo. I am a musician and host in London.

Welcome to Drift Recordings where I will be showcasing new records for you to enjoy.

Drift Recordings caters for many different new and popular sounds. Anything from Jazz to Afro beats. Avant Gardé and beyond.

This website is the place to find new and interesting sounds.

We are based in London and many of you will know me from gigs in London town.

Some of you have perhaps seen me on the BBC doing interviews there about the music scene.

However you got here, all I ask for now is join and subscribe to http://www.drift-recordings.com/uk via the links provided. That way I can send you notifications as they happen.

A lot of people have requested this website so here it is. Thanks for all your support in the past. This website is currently still in development mode.

Expect good things. And thanks to all the listeners, fans of the band and regulars who turn up every month to our events around London. It could be you showcased here so get in touch.

Yours in music

Bukky Leo.

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